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About Helping Hands

What We Do

The Helping Hands Network of Schools deliver out of school hours care services through a School Community Partnership model.  This requires  more extensive integration and involvement in the  School Community than the more traditional outsource model, which demonstrates limited community support and involvement.  We are focused solely on providing quality out of school hours care and supporting individual school communities. 

Helping Hands also provides assistance and advice to schools who are interested in either setting up a service or who would like or need assistance with the management of an existing program.

The keys to our organizational success include; an Experienced Board of Directors, and Expert Operational Staff who have specialized knowledge of Current Legislation and Proven Organisational Systems and Processes.


Operational Staff

Helping Hands Network has a commitment to providing high quality staff with a commitment to caring for children.  As part of our Due Diligence process and in consultation with your School Representative we employ staff who will compliment the individual requirements of your school community and your program.  A reemployment policy applies when existing staff meet our employment criteria and are endorsed by the school.

The linked section details Qualifications of Personnel and how Helping Hands Network recruits and retains experienced personnel through its Human Resource Processes and Experience in Human Resource Management.      

Human Resources

Throughout our employment process we liaise closely with the School to ensure our personnel meet the requirements of your school community.  Our stringent recruitment and staff management process and detailed knowledge of the Out of School Hours Care Industry and staff qualifications means we can provide the best possible staff to work with your school community.


We employ qualified personnel that meet our key recruitment criteria including;

Blue card
Senior First Aid Certificate
Suits School Community Culture

Relevant Qualifications
(i.e. Diploma of Children’s services, Certificate III childcare, Bachelor of Education, Diploma OSHC)

Our Recruitment Process includes a detailed interview process and reference checks.  Prior to appointing a Coordinator, we also organise a pre employment interview with the School Representative to ensure they satisfy the School Community requirements.
Our success in retaining and managing staff is underpinned by our extensive experience in Human Resource Management.  

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Managing Staff

Our manager's experience in the Human Resource Management area contributes to her success in maintaining a high staff retention rate.  This success provides a significant advantage over most other providers in an industry with a traditionally high turnover.

The success of the organisation is due to the active management of staff and providing a high level of support to both Coordinators and Assistants in the service.  This support includes;
  • a  comprehensive induction process
  • ongoing training
  • professional development
  • community network meetings
  • monitoring and reporting
  • grievance resolution process
  • performance management
  • service management support
  • regular visitation and communication

Qualifications of Personnel

To ensure a high quality program it is essential to ensure that service personnel have the relevant and appropriate qualifications and experience.  This is particularly important in the appointment of the Coordinator who is responsible for the daily operation of the Service.  

Helping Hands Network source personnel that hold qualifications such as Diploma of Community Services (Children’s services), Certificate III Childcare, Bachelor of Education, Diploma Out of School Hours Care, Diploma Children’s Services, these qualifications are in addition to relevant industry experience.