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Orange Grove Public School

Established in 1883 in the heart of Lilyfield, Orange Grove Public School has a long history of providing a primary education for students of Sydney's inner west. The school community is a diverse mix of cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. The staff and community have shared a vision of preparing children to become happy, functional and responsible members of a changing, democratic and multicultural Australian society.

Orange Grove Public School is committed to achieving high quality outcomes for all students. Strong ties with the school community provide a warm, caring and personalised learning environment.


Enrolment Webform

Emergency Contacts/Other People Authorised to Collect Child/Children

Please list at least 2 Adults, other than yourself, that can you give authority to act on your behalf where we are unable to contact either parent/guardian in the following situations listed below:
  • Use as an Emergency contact
  • Collect your child/ren from the service. Children will only be released into the care of persons listed in writing. Proof of identity will be asked when children are collected by persons unknown to staff. We require accurate address and phone information in order to confirm identity.
  • Authorise medical treatment or the administration of medicine to your child/ren.
  • Authorise an Educator to take my child/ren outside the service, eg. On an excursion.
Emergency Contacts
Other Authorised Persons

Other Information

Other Siblings using licensed child care (other than Helping Hands Network)
Name DOB Class/ School/Daycare etc

Court Orders

Should your child/children be named in any legal document that refers to Custody arrangements or protected by a restraining order, Helping Hands out of school hours care will require a copy of these documents (Family Law Act 1975)

Emergency Medical Assistance
Permission to Photograph child/children
Enrolment Agreement
  1. I/we agree to enrol my/our children with Helping Hands Network Pty Ltd, to provide services and activities for my/our child/ren.
  2. I/we understand that, in case of sudden illness or an accident, the Coordinator, Staff or Management, as agents for the parents, shall have discretionary power to seek and provide immediate medical attention, and that any costs incurred, will be borne by us the parents/guardians. I/We understand that I/we will be contacted as soon as possible. I/we also give permission for the child/ren to be transported from the service, if required, for medical attention or treatment.
  3. I/we agree to keep my child/children at home when suffering from a heavy cold or other infectious illness likely to affect the health of other children and/or staff.
  4. I/we understand that any unacceptable behavior by my child may result in a warning, and may eventually lead to suspension as per the Helping Hands Policy Manual.
  5. I/we give permission for my child to participate in the Helping Hands OOSH program held at the centre, which may include watching PG movies/videos or games.
  6. I/we agree to notify the Coordinator promptly of any permanent booking absences.
  7. I/we will ensure that my/our child/children are brought to the service by a responsible person and signed in.
  8. I/we will ensure that my/our child/ren will be collected by a responsible person before the official closing time and that the Coordinator or person acting on the Coordinators behalf is notified and signed out in the appropriate register. Should I/we be late collecting my child I/we agree to pay the Late Collection Fee. I/we will make every effort to inform the Coordinator of changes in arrival and departure times and procedures, especially in regard to persons other than those recorded, with regard to collecting my child.
  9. I/we understand that fees must be paid in advance, that the normal fees will be payable at all times, including absence of my child for sickness, holidays or any other reason unless approved and arrangements are made to the contrary. I/we understand that if fees are not paid, my child’s continued enrolment in the OOSH program cannot be guaranteed.
  10. I/we give permission for HHN to consult with school staff regarding Behavior Management issues in order to provide consistency and the best possible management of my child/ren.
  11. I/we agree to notify the Coordinator immediately of any change in emergency contacts, addresses and/or telephone numbers.
  12. I/we agree to cooperate in all things to the best of my/our ability. I/we have visited the OOSH service and discussed with the Coordinator the enrolment of my child and I/we understand the importance of family cooperation and agree to participate whenever possible in the activities of the OOSH.

Child Details - Orange Grove Public School


Indigenous Status


Booking Information


Allergies/Medication/Dietary Considerations


Please note that if your child has a long term illness eg epilepsy, asthma, severe allergies or disabilities Helping Hands requires you to complete a medical management plan, or supply one from your doctor, which details any medication required, its administration and procedures for emergencies


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Please complete this form, sign and return to the Coordinator at the Service or scan and send to
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Download the Key Information PDF to find out all you need to know about Helping Hands OSHC at Orange Grove Public School
Download the Key Information here

Download the Parent Handbook PDF to find out all you need to know about Helping Hands OSHC at Orange Grove Public School
Download the Parent Handbook here

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