Before and after school care

At Helping Hands Network, we specialise only in Out of School Hours Care (OSHC), and we are leaders in our industry.

All our OSHC services provide an environment for children that is engaging, caring and friendly.

Our services can be used in many ways by all families with primary-school-aged children.

Some of our families are regulars, and utilise our services every day because of work commitments.

Other families might need to use our service ‘once in a while’, such as when there’s an appointment they just can’t fit in during school time or in emergency situations.

Either way, Helping Hands Network will welcome your child with open arms, and ensure they enjoy a high quality OSHC service…one that’s safe, educational, engaging and fun!

Helping Hands Network provides lots of choice for children, with services tailored to engage children, and meet the expectations of families and schools.

What your child can expect a Helping Hands Network

Our services are all about guided choice for children.

The service Coordinator provides a wide variety of structured, educational activities every day, including special themed days (or weeks), lots of fun art and craft activities, cooking, drama, sport, science and more. If required, we include time for children to complete their homework.

We also acknowledge that children need time and space just to ‘be children’ and that the importance of play is huge. Although children are encouraged to join in with our structured activities and experiences, they are always free to simply make use of our comprehensive range of free-play equipment. After a structured school day, it is important for children to have a chance to relax and participate in activities of their choice.

Using our online database of more than 5,000 structured, educational activities, combined with our programming tools, our service Coordinators select activities and prepare/publish a Weekly Activity Plan. The online system provides directives that all Coordinators follow, but it also allows for service-specific tailoring. This ensures that the Coordinator has enough flexibility to provide activities that the children really want. The service Coordinator includes the children’s ideas in programming as well, giving children ownership of their service.

Our comprehensive play spaces and choices for children include:
  • Art and craft area
  • Construction area – includes Lego, wooden blocks, marble run
  • Dramatic play, dress-up area
  • Board games area
  • Quiet area – includes bean bags and large cushions and books
  • Homework area
  • Cooking clubs
  • Environment and sustainability activities (e.g. vegie gardens, and environmental learning)

There is also always plenty of time spent playing outside, as well as lots of time for sports – either utilising the school’s outside facilities, or indoors in inclement weather.

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