At Helping Hands Network, we work to minimise the burden on families outside school hours and make it easier for you to spend quality time with your children at home.

We provide:

  • Fun, and friendship
  • Heaps of activities to suit all ages, interests, and skill levels
  • Plenty of indoor/outdoor activities to burn off excess energy to encourage skill development and fun
  • Opportunities to embrace children’s culture, ideas and stages of development
  • Activities designed to develop social skills as well as learning outcomes, promote confidence and effective communication
  • Leadership opportunities across all ages
  • Healthy food options.



Helping Hands Network has a philosophy of building stronger, happier and healthier communities through provision of quality childcare in partnership with children, parents and schools. We are flexible in providing our service and tailor our programs to meet the local community needs.

We provide much more than child minding and our programs are designed to develop stronger, healthier and happier children. For the convenience of parents, we also offer, on top of our standard programs, activities that extend children (sports, art, and education) and benefit parents while contributing to the desired outcomes of the school.

Our programs meet, as a minimum, legislative requirements and are designed to cater to the children’s age, skills, interests and abilities by providing a variety of challenging and recreational activities. In the development of our programs we recognise the importance of play in the development of children. All of our programs are evaluated to ensure they are successful in engaging the children and meeting our desired outcomes.


All Helping Hands programs are designed to cater to the specific needs of your individual school community; the needs of the children, the needs of the parents (i.e. Homework Club), the needs of the school and consider the resources and facilities that are available within your community. Our programs also reflect the School Values and educational focus, a consultative process we have developed including the profiling of the children and surveying parents. Our comprehensive play spaces and choices for children vary from service to service, and include…

Arts & Craft

Children love being creative, so we always offer lots of fun art and craft activities, ranging from painting and drawing, to making origami animals, colourful kites or sculpting a plasticine masterpiece. And it’s great to see the smile on a child’s face when we display a piece of their work, or show it off to their family.


We always have lots of popular board and card games for children to enjoy, as well as organised physical games, like dodgeball, four-square and skipping. Carers get actively involved in all the activities, which ensures children are safely supervised while they have fun!


We run sports and physical activities every day, selected around the children’s likes and interests. These can include football/soccer, karate, circus skills, tee ball, dance, yoga, swimming, tennis and lots more!


Children will have the opportunity to enjoy performance, music and theatre construction, all potentially culminating in an entertaining show for educators and families.


Cooking is one of the most popular activities at Helping Hands Network, and always results in a tasty treat to be enjoyed by all. Many services have a fully-equipped kitchen available, so we can offer an extensive range of cooking activities.


Budding pop stars can get their groove on, with music being a big feature at our services, from Bollywood dancing to karaoke.


Whacky experiments are always popular with the children and provide an excellent opportunity for them to learn about the world around us. Inquisitive children are also catered for with a construction area stacked high with Lego, wooden blocks, marble run and more!


Everything we do is designed to put smiles on the faces of the children in our care, whether they’re competing in a running race, playing a board game with friends, or simply relaxing in a big bean bag with an entertaining book.

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