Helping Hands provides a wealth of programming choice, individually tailored to meet the expectations of schools and families. This tailored approach maximises the suitability and engagement of what we are delivering to children, families and the school
Using our online database of more than 5,000 structured, educational activities, combined with our programming tools, our service Coordinators select activities and prepare/publish a Weekly Activity Plan. The online system provides directives that all Coordinators follow, but it also allows for service-specific tailoring. This ensures that the Coordinator has enough flexibility to provide activities that the children really want. The service Coordinator includes the children’s ideas in programming as well, giving children ownership of their service.
Our comprehensive play spaces and choices for children include:

  • Art and craft area
  • Construction area – includes Lego, wooden blocks, marble run
  • Dramatic play, dress-up area
  • Board games area
  • Quiet area – includes bean bags and large cushions and books
  • Homework area

Helping Hands provides support and development opportunities for our team members, helping them to achieve formal qualifications by providing mentoring and study leave. We also pay team members to attend internal training courses, as well as covering the costs of most of the courses offered.
Helping Hands team members are qualified as per National Quality Framework and Legislated regulations and have demonstrated experience in working at Helping Hands services.
All team members employed by Helping Hands must provide the appropriate security checks before they are accepted. On employment, all team members must provide a copy of a valid Working with Children Check (WWCC), which we verify through the Department of Justice website.

To make a booking simply enrol online and once you have entered all your details you can book the sessions you need. You will need a valid credit card or bank account for direct debit.
Once you are enrolled most of your bookings should be made online. Online bookings can be made up until the day before the session you are trying to book. To book a session on the same day as the session, please call your program coordinator or our Customer Service and Billing Team on 1300 612 462.

Helping Hands caters for all children – including those with special needs, medical conditions or allergies.
Each medical condition is dealt with individually, with management plans developed for all allergies.

For before and after school care sessions we provide a healthy, tasty and nutritious selection of food for breakfast and afternoon tea.
The selection of breakfast food includes low-sugar cereals, wholemeal toast, water and fresh milk/soy milk, as well as daily selections such as pancakes, French toast, English muffins, fresh fruit and yoghurt.
The selection of afternoon tea food includes fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh milk/soy milk, and daily selections such as yoghurt, dried fruit, cheese, crackers, bread, sandwiches, soup, dips, pancakes, crumpets and water.

We actively encourage feedback. Every service has feedback or suggestion book, however we encourage direct dialogue with program coordinators and our staff. We also conduct a formal parent survey on a twice-yearly basis and use that information to ensure we are delivering on our promises.

We understand that in emergency situations you may be running late. We try and balance the needs of our families and the needs of our dedicated staff and therefore, Children collected after the closing time may be charged a late pick up fee.

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