Norville Helping Hands Does The Rainbow Challenge with Coles Fresh Stikeez

Fruit and veg coles stikeez rainbow challenge oshc helping hands norville

This term the team at Helping Hands Norville have been promoting healthy eating habits for the children using the Coles Fresh Stikeez Rainbow Challenge. The children have loved taking up the challenge and trying to eat as many of the fruits and vegetables on their charts as possible. We’ve even got prizes to win for the children that eat the most colourful fruit and veg!

We noticed that as a result of the dietary change, behaviour has improved and the children appear happier and more willing to engage in activities at Before and After School Care. The children have become extremely empowered and passionate about the challenge. Often, they bring their lunchboxes in to OSHC to show us their healthy options! Our team has also expanded breakfast to include fresh fruit and berries to help the children build their rainbows. Some of the children were surprised that they liked a few vegetables they initially thought were ‘strange’ like purple cabbage.

We have encouraged our families to extend the Rainbow Challenge at home as well. Parents have been amazingly supportive and send through photos of their children eating fruit and veg at dinner or on the weekend, so even children who only come to Helping Hands occasionally can still participate in the challenge with their friends! It’s been so great opening up our emails and seeing so many of our families joining in the Rainbow Challenge at home!

Finally, a big thank you to Coles for introducing the Fresh Stikeez promotion and providing us with enough posters for all of our children to chart their own fresh food success! To find out more about the Coles Fresh Stikeez promotion or to download the Rainbow Challenge Chart for yourself click here.

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