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Bounce into adventure these school holidays with Helping Hands Network Vacation Care Programs!

Our Vacation Care Programs are stuffed to the brim with holiday fun. With a wide variety of engaging activities that range from arts and crafts to sports days, cooking and dance parties – there is a new adventure every day.

Our programs are designed specifically for each service, ensuring that your child gets a say in what they do during their school holidays. We are always looking for the most fun and engaging activities for your child, whether its in-service, incursion or excursions! Find your nearest Helping Hands Network Vacation Care today.

As part of the Helping Hands Network Vacation Care program, children will also have the chance to immerse themselves in lots of fun incursions at local Helping Hands services.

We’ve partnered with awesome activity providers Australia-wide that bring the fun into your local service. Here are just a few of the exciting incursions we have planned these holidays: petting zoos, Slip’n’Slide water adventures, Sumo suits and silent disco dance parties!

Is your child a thrill-seeker? Then they will love our rock climbing, roller skating and trampolining excursions. If your child enjoys more relaxing activities, then we have the perfect outings for them too. There are museum explorations, park picnics and we head to the movies to see the latest blockbuster releases for kids. We know that each little one is different, and we focus on providing safe, quality, and fun excursions to suit a huge variety of individual personalities!

And for the parents, you can rest assured that while your child’s having the time of their life – they are being cared for by Helping Hand Network’s 1:10 educator to child ratio on most excursions. Our educators are passionate, qualified and caring individuals who want to provide the best experience for you and your child.

Information and bookings
To find out exactly which exciting activities we have planned for these school holidays, enter your postcode into the ‘Find a Helping Hands Network near you’ search field at the top of this page. You’ll find your closest Vacation Care programs, with activity details, dates, fees, times and locations.

Please note: venues and activities vary between states, so be sure to find your service’s brochure for the exact adventures your child/ren will experience these holidays!

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