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Adventure Packs

Does your child love outside school hours care? Do you need to book them into before or after school care several times a week so that you can work or study? Book ahead and save!

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What is an Adventure Pack?

At participating schools, we offer Adventure Packs. These packs offer up to 20% discount if you book at least 70 or 90 sessions in the same school term.

Benefits of an Adventure Pack

Our Adventure Packs are designed to help parents who want to book into our morning and afternoon programs to save money. If you know you will need the support, booking in advance can make a significant difference in the price you pay for outside school hours care.

  • Cheaper before and after school care fees

  • More time for your kid to spend with their friends

  • More days to experience our adventure program activities co-designed with experts in child development and play

  • Parents with multiple children who attend outside school hours care might be required to book more sessions, so are more likely to benefit from the pack discount

How does it work?

When parents book more than 70 sessions or 90 sessions in a single transaction, an automatic discount* is offered to them in our Parent Portal (Kidsoft) at checkout.

*Please note, the final Adventure Pack discount rate depends on your school and its fees. Bookings must be made 15 or more days in advance of the first session scheduled.

The discount rate is:

·       Up to 15% for 70+ sessions (at participating schools)

·       Up to 20% for 90+ sessions (at participating schools)

The sessions must be booked in the same term. At schools that offer both packs, the discount changes to the 90 pack's discount rate once you book 90+ sessions instead of the 70 pack discount between 70 to 89 sessions.

What are the benefits of children attending OSHC more often?

  • For new starters to school, it provides a familiar place for them to adjust to school and meet new friends

  • There are over 200+ specially designed activities that kids can enjoy that help them develop their interests, from sports and science experiments to arts and teamwork games

  • Our morning programs set kids up for a great day ahead and our afternoon programs help kids unwind from a busy day at school and prepare them to return home

Important Information about Adventure Packs

If you would like to receive the automatically applied Adventure Pack discount, bookings must be made 15 or more days in advance to be included in your total number of sessions to reach the 70 session amount or 90 session amount. Any sessions ordered as part of an Adventure Pack are not eligible for free cancellation.

Adventure Pack FAQs

  • If your school offers Adventure Packs, you have the option to book before and after school care sessions in bulk to receive the Adventure Pack discount.

    Anyone can receive the discount once you order over the 70 session or 90 session amount, depending on which packs are offered at your school.


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