Our Before and After School Care Programs

A World of Adventure Awaits

Our new Adventure Program lets kids choose how to spend their mornings and afternoons. Happy memories will be made as kids embark on adventures that contain exciting games and challenges. Designed for kids of all ages, skill levels and interests, each activity promotes inclusion and above all else – FUN!

"Creating the best start to the school day"

Our morning programs are now called ‘Rise Then Shine’, the perfect start to your child’s school day. We set the tone for a great day at school through an array of energising activities and some delicious and nutritious food. From delightful breakfast moments, to calming morning meditations, we ensure they step into school ready to embrace the day!

"Where friendships are made"

The fun continues after school at our ‘Stay and Play’ afternoon programs. Kids can dive into more fun activities, building lasting friendships and creating memories beyond the classroom, all before heading home for quality family time.

Our Services in Action

Interview with the "experts"

Our Before and After School Care Adventures

Super Sports

Super fun and sporty sessions designed to develop essential skills for a lifetime of active living.

Activities include:

…and more!

Power Teams

Join in fun games, thrilling challenges, and exciting group activities to build team skills for life.

Activities include:

Team challenges
Obstacle courses
Scavenger hunts
…and more!

Global Kids

Embark on a journey to become a better global citizen and protect our planet through developing essential life skills and exploring the world around us.

Activities include:

Rocket building
Eco warriors
…and more!

Creative Inventors

Let your imagination soar as we engage in creative activities that combine expressive arts, materials and crafts to fuel your inner inventor and unlock your hidden talents!

Activities include:

Painting & crafts
Role play
…and more!

Brain Boosters

Crack codes, solve puzzles, and engage in captivating games and science experiments. Explore the wonders of the world with hands-on STEM activities.

Activities include:

Quizzes & brain teasers
Puzzles & building projects
…and more!

Wellbeing Warriors

Discover a range of activities specially designed to help you feel good by boosting happiness, mindfulness, and wellbeing.

Activities include:

Zen Gardens
Healthy heart circuits
Wellbeing Warrior challenges
…and more!

Flavour Fest

Explore the tasty world of food and nutrition through fun and interactive experiences created to develop healthy habits.

Activities include:

Building Snack Plates
Run your own cafe
…and more!

Service Commitment

  • Educators will relay any relevant information after the Rise then Shine morning session to the school that will assist children to settle into their day.

  • For the afternoon Stay and Play session, educators will again, gather any information from the school that will assist the children to transition and reconnect with their families at home.

We have over 450 schools in our network running our epic adventures!

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