At Helping Hands Network, we are building brighter futures together in partnership with parents and school communities by supporting children to learn through play in fun, rich learning environments.


Before and After School Programs at Helping Hands Network are designed to support school communities and busy families by providing an engaging and educational environment for children to enhance their learning and cater to their fun-loving spirit.

Before & After School Care



Helping Hands Network Vacation Care programs are full of activities designed to stimulate inquisitive minds, get kids physically active and discover new interests with friends in an entertaining and welcoming environment.

Vacation Care



Helping Hands Network operates as a community partnership with Schools, P&F’s, P&C’s, Parents and Children to provide all of their Out of School Hours Care needs (Before School, After School and Vacation Care). Our team work with government agencies, schools and parents to make the use of the service and payment of fees convenient and affordable while providing exceptional value to the school community.

Through the provision of providing quality childcare, we proudly offer more than just a child minding service and strive to build stronger, happier and healthier communities. Providing flexible services and tailored programs play an essential role in ensuring that our programs meet local school community needs.

We highly encourage feedback, engage in regular communication and effectively manage your service to ensure that your school community receives real value. The key areas of value that Helping Hands Network provides include:

  • Active participation in the School Community
  • Legislative expertise and knowledge
  • An experienced board of directors who ensure the quality of our service
  • Expert Advisory Panel who provide advice on the most up to date industry information regarding programming, behaviour management, medical management, child safety, diet and nutrition, policy development and staff training.
  • A commitment to providing high quality staff dedicated to caring for children in a fun environment.  
  • Professional operational management ensuring safety for children, reducing risk and cost burdens for schools and parents.  
  • Our financial model includes the provision of a significant financial contribution back to the School



Why choose us

Quality and Safety

Helping Hands Network is part of Junior Adventures Group. Junior Adventures Group is one of Australia’s leading premium national OSHC providers – 91% of our Helping Hands services are independently rated as meeting or exceeding the National Quality Standard. *As at 9 Oct 2019

Community and Charity

We form positive and lasting relationships with schools and communities, and one of the ways we endeavour to give back is through our support of the Catholic Foundation which helps 3,5000 disadvantaged children a year. The annual Special Children’s Needs Christmas party is an event we proudly sponsor and enjoy being a part of.

Education and Values

Our supportive and values-driven culture  fosters the development of every Helping Hands Network team member, so kids enjoy the best possible education and care.

Vitality and Nutrition

Facilitating lots of fun activities for children to enjoy, as well as free play is very important to us. Before and After School, we also provide the kids with a variety of tasty and nutritious food.

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