3 simple ways to inspire curiosity in your child

Inspiring your child to explore their curiosity is the best way to help them grow.

It’s so important that, as the adults in their life, we encourage them to question, explore and ask questions on everything in life! It’s the only way they will develop into well-rounded adults ready to tackle anything the world can throw at them.

So, how do we inspire curiosity in kids?

1. Ask open-ended questions

The best way to inspire thinking with kids is to ask them open-ended questions. Often, this is a technique used by our educators to encourage them to discover the answer themselves. This also helps us understand their point of view and how they process things.

For example, when you’re completing an activity with them (such as cooking home-made bread), it’s the perfect time to ask them questions such as, ‘What do you think the next step is?’, ‘Why do you think the bread gets bigger once in the oven?’, or ‘How do you think we turn wheat into flour?’.

They might not know the answer, sure. But it encourages them to wonder these questions to and venture to find out the answer!

2. Explore the world together

Sometimes all we need is to be inspired by our surroundings and there’s no environment more inspiring than outside!

A great way to inspire a child is to use their natural curiosity of the world through new environments. Travel, take a hike, go camping, explore a museum – there’s so many possibilities when entering an unfamiliar environment.

3. Allow them to be themselves!

Continuing from the above – children have a natural curiosity inside of them and the easiest way to inspire curiosity is to just let them be themselves!

Children learn everything from the people that surround them and if at any point they’re discouraged or made to feel embarrassed for something, they might be hesitant in exploring this further.

Discouragement is great when they’re participating in activities that are harmful to themselves or others, but if they’re exploring things that are harmless, we encourage you to let them go! It’s the best way to find themselves: who they are and what they like!

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